Friday, September 17, 2010

Laboule Children's Home

The MTM Laboule Children's Home is one more aspect of ministry work taking place in Haiti through MTM.
Living together at the home are 12 eager to learn boys and girls ranging in ages 7-15, complete with four boys age 7!
It's a great place to spend time! The children are bright eyed and holding on to your every next move or word. Each has their own defined personality but together they are family.
Newly arrived to MTM, Britney Smith has been able to spend time with these children this week. Click on the link below to get a sample of how she has been interacting with Fabrice, Mackendy, Dayele, Robenson, Johnson, Nerlande, Mylinda, Marise, Marie Ange, Dania, Johana and Hyphania.
We are grateful for the committment that Britney has made to MTM to work at the High School and with the children at the MTM Laboule Children's Home.

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