Monday, November 26, 2007

One last look...

Hello again!

We couldn't resist giving you one last look at the week with the Ediger & Sons team from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. They were joined by our friends from Indiana: Matt, Babs, Grace & Vivian Edwards & also Maryann from Washington. Thanks for being a wonderful part of our family during the Thanksgiving holiday!

The village of Gramothe


M-T-M Gramothe High School Library
book shelves

computer stations

Some needed more rest than others...

Others need lots of help!


...and a little lady in red!

Happy to give, happy to recieve!

The village of Dumay


Using guides to cross the river.

After tropical storm "Noel".

Eager helpers carry new benches to the cafeteria.

Good rewards!

Thank you Ediger & Sons!

Edigar & Sons Team visit to Rivers of Hope adoption orphanage...

Sunday afternoon...this one is for all of you adopting parents out there who are waiting to take your child(ren) home from Rivers of Hope here in Haiti.

Edigar & Sons team stopped by to take your children some warm blankets & to play with them a bit. Some of these team members were here earlier this year & built storage shelves for Rachel in the children's home.
We hope you enjoy the following pics. The team had a blessed time with all of the children.

We also took time out to stop at the M-T-M Laboule Children's Home.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A job well done!

Edigar & Sons team did a great job this week!

On Wednesday they were able to get a sneak peak as the M-T-M Gramothe elementary school had their chapel time...

After loading up at the M-T-M Gramothe workshop the remainder of the makings of 16 cafeteria tables & 32 benches, the team was off to Dumay...

As they crossed the river to Dumay they could see what used to be the edge of the village of Dumay before tropical storm "Noel" passed by...

Notice the trees standing alone in the river. This used to be the edge of the village.

One can easily see where the mud has washed up in the village. Looking closely to see a mud line on the trees.
After arriving at the M-T-M Dumay school, the team quickly finished their work with the cafeteria tables & benches...

90 bags of rice were purchased by the team & in celebration of the M-T-M Dumay school cafeteria being finished, the rice was distributed to the Dumay villagers who came...

Aside from the rice distribution, cafeteria benches & tables, the work done at the M-T-M Dumay school by the Edigar & Sons team for the week consisted of...
*putting tin on the cafeteria roof,
*helping to pour the cement floor &
*building storage shelves inside of the cafeteria kitchen.

Back in Gramothe on Saturday, all the work was finished up...

*32 computer stations,
*8-4'x8' book shelves &
*22' study table all in the new M-T-M high school library!
In addition, at the M-T-M Gramothe school the Edigar & Sons team built...
*a soccer ball trough,
*4 desks for high school teachers,
*additional black boards were installed &
*repairs to existing school tables & benches were done.
After the work, it's time to play! A walk thru the village is always a treat. You never know what you'll see!
Team member David Traub washes clothes with a local villager as his team members watch!
Team member Tom Hildebrand finds instant friends as he shares his video taping.
We can't say it enough...
your friends at M-T-M

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank YOU!

Greetings from Haiti!

A shot of a busy city street near Port-Au-Prince.

Today we say, "Thank YOU"!

We give thanks for YOU & we give thanks to God who has brought YOU into our lives & ministry. MTM & the Haitain people thank YOU for giving up your comforts...

Chris on the hot seat in Dumay!

...we thank YOU for giving of your talents, time...

Tom & Chris working in Dumay.

Ron, Frank, Brent, Dave & Ed in the workshop in Gramothe.

...& treasures.

Victoria & Adriene taking time out with new friends.

We thank God for YOU coming to see us...

Two young boys doing their daily chores.

for YOU coming to teach us...

Ed taking time to teach a young helper.

for YOU coming to be with us...

Dave, Brett, Frank, Victoria, Andrea, Ron & Ed take a break to watch a soccer game.
...for you coming to encourage us to be our best.

Two young helpers eager to do their part.

Victoria, Brent & Dave treat a young helper to a fruit roll up.

On behalf of the Haitain people, MTM says, "Thank you"!

This week, a special thanks to the Edigar & Son's team from British Columbia (Ron-Brent-Victoria & Adrienne Edigar, David Traub & grandson Brett Lee, Chris Denis, Frank Lenz, Tom Hildebrand, John Frede & Ed Friesen).

You guys (& gals!) are great, we love you!


Our Vision and Mission

Mission Statement:

Share the good news of Jesus Christ with the families in the village of Gramothe and the people of Haiti by providing for their spiritual, academic and physical needs.

Vision Statement:

Mountain Top Ministries exists as a resource that ignites in the Haitian people a vision for their country to recognize their true potential, so that they may take spiritual ownership of their nation one village at a time to defeat generational poverty and move forward.