Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Team Canada; Surrey Alliance Church Youth Group

August 18th-28th we hosted a 16 member youth group from the Surrey Alliance Church, Surrey, BC Canada. Shortly after arriving, hurricane "Dean" passed over the south of Haiti which made for a very rainy Sunday morning. Waiting out the hardest morning rains, the team left for services late but had a great time of ministry to those of the congregation who decided to "weather the storm" with them.
Monday morning everyone was excited to start work at the village of Dumay, home of MTM's second school. First, they had to cross the river, swollen by the hurrican rains (twice each day this was done)...

My poor (tough) car!

Guides must be used (walking in front of the truck) to know where to cross the river at.
Once in the village, the team set to work to begin accomplishing what they came to do...

Helping with the construction of 3 additional classrooms. Here they are pouring a concrete roof.

...David Charles helps the hard working, mighty rock brigade as they fill in the floor...

...it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Stephen Charles helps out too!...

Soccer was on the agenda & soccer, they did play!...

The donkey chose to stay on the side lines :)...

...is that someone not working?! Yes, but he is taking time to hang out with a new freind...

Backpacks that the Surrey church had previously filled & sent to us on a supply trailer were handed out to students that will be starting school soon. Rice & dried soup mix were given to local families during a seperate distribution time.

All of this to the glory of God!

Thank you, Surrey Alliance Church, for entrusting your youth into our ministry here in Haiti.
Thank you, Hungry for Life-Canada, for facilitating this team.
May God bless you!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer Time Stateside...

Here we go!

Is summer past already?!

June 18th our family left Haiti to meet up with some special friends at Walt Disney World. For 5 days we played, ate, visited & enjoyed all that the parks had to offer. It was consuming, but in a very good "God" way! Praise be to God for creating that time for us.

After driving from Florida to Indiana, it was time for some boys to visit with Grandma & big brother! All are doing well. Casey will soon finish up his associates degree in civil engineering as he continues with his National Guard committment.

Coming with us from Haiti this summer was Micka Hyppolite. Some of you know her as one of our workers in the village of Gramothe. This was her first trip ever to the U.S. & she was overwhelmed, but very blessed with how she was recieved & by all that she got to see & do. Boating & fishing were not exactly her cup of tea, but she still had fun :) Thanks everyone for making her time special.

After being in Indiana for just 5 days after our Disney trip, we hopped in the car for a 36 hour (driving time)-12 day road trip to Chilliwack, B.C. Canada. The scenery was breathtaking as we drove thru the badlands of S.Dakota & Wyoming.

Once in Chilliwack we were hosted by a most gracous family who introduced us to others & made our family a part of theirs. A short drive on Sunday took us into the city of Surrey, near Vancouver, where we visited a church that was to bring a team of youth to our mission shortly after our return to Haiti.

Visiting all that there was to see; our trip on the Frazier River, White Rock & more plus all the fine people that we met will never be forgotten! Thanks for making our time in Canada special & memorable!

Praise God for our brothers & sisters in the Lord. As we work together (the tillers, the planters, the waterers & the harvesters...) the lost will be saved; God's work will be done here on earth!

A great big thanks to all of our partnering churches there in the states who brought us into their fold this summer, allowing us to share what God is doing in Haiti. Thanks also to those pastors who brought us into their churches for the first time. Thanks to those of you who help to make a difference in Haiti either by praying for us, for supporting us financially &/or for taking time throughout the year to come to Haiti & encourage us. It was fun being with all of you. Our time stateside is always a busy time, but a very valuable time that we enjoy & cherish always.

Names & places not mentioned, but not forgotten. You know who you are & you know the blessings that you bring to us. Thank you for being humble servants of the Most High.

Thank you all for helping us to make some really great family memories :)

Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

Willem, Beth, Stephen & David