Friday, January 30, 2009


Willem had the honor of unlocking the well & being the first to pump gushes of clean, fresh water for the MTM Dumay School! Everyone is excited about access to this life-changing gift!

Pastor Matt, Iowa team member, delivered a simple message about Jesus being the real Living Water! He also blessed the well, the land, the school, the students & staff and the community of Dumay.
Check out these smiles!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dumay Water Well, IT IS FINISHED!

Greetings from Haiti this Sunday evening!
Lots of breakdowns & 120 feet later, the MTM school at the village of Dumay finally has a working water well!
Praise the Lord!
We are grateful for those of you who have generously given to help make this happen.
The school will no longer have to haul water from the river for cooking in the cafeteria & there is now a clean, free-flowing supply of water not just for the school, but for that immediate area.
(Pictures to follow).

Saturday, January 17, 2009

John Paul Update

I had hoped to have a smiling face of Jean Paul by now, but my apologies as we do not have.
Just the same, we wanted you all to know his current condition is...
When our dear friend was rolling down the mountain & then landed at the bottom, he testified in church the following week that the only thing he could remember was that Willem had prayed over the congregation at the close of service Sunday night, asking God for protection over each person there. Needless to say, Jean Paul then began praising God!
Three cuts on his back & a laceration on his arm that warranted some stitches aren't bad for a "roll" down a mountain side with a machete in your hand!
We praise God along with Jean Paul for his protection over these precious people that HE has placed us here to serve.
Praise the Lord!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Just a few pictures to update the progression of the Gramothe Clinic Waiting Area.
MTM is currently hosting a medical team from the Chicago, IL area. In two weeks a team from Dubuque, Iowa will come to build benches for the waiting area so that it will be ready for use when the February medical team arrives.
We praise God for the ability to provide this waiting area for our patients! A great big THANK YOU to those who gave financially to make this happen.

Setting iron for reinforcement in the roof.

Mixing cement by hand & dipping buckets to transfer it to the roof.
"The bucket brigade"~sending cement to the roof.

Nearly finished.

A day's job done. The cement roof has been poured & now time will complete the process.