Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tropical storm "Noel" is the big question of the day.
Although I'm being able to post here & now, I am not being able to download any pictures. Stay tuned for those.

Our area of Haiti is faring well although we've had nearly 48 hours of steady rainfall. Willem has gone to visit our school in Dumay to see how things are there. It is near a river & often floods with heavy rains. I will report that news later today or tomorrow.

The rain has stopped & though it's still stormy looking, it seems the rains have moved on & the people are beginning to come out of their homes & move about. With all the rain, cooking fuel is soaked & it has been difficult getting provisions into the mountains without it getting wet. Now merchants will have the difficulty of crossing the swollen river to go after supplies.

The government announced by 7:30 this morning that schools were to close for the day... no "snow days" in Haiti, we have "rain days"!

Please keep Haiti in your prayers as the people pull themselves up, one more time.
Until later, God bless you!
Willem & Beth