Monday, February 16, 2009


Greetings from Haiti!
We wanted to let you know some important email address information.
If you are currently contacting MTM or Willem & Beth Charles through
this service will discontinue immediately.
Please, immediately, begin using
Thank you & we look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We are grateful for those of you who are participating in the MTM Student Sponsorship program. A student correspondence, updated photo & a newsletter should be coming to you very soon!
A couple of notes for current sponsors
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  • If you are paying by check, did you know that you can now make your sponsorship payment online at the MTM website? Once you set up your account at the MTM website (, your sponsorship donation will automatically be withdrawn from your banking account or credit card.
  • If you choose to write a check and mail it, you are welcome to continue this process! Simply make your check payable to MTM & mail it to: MTM Student Sponsorship, c/o Calvary Chapel of Danville, 2165 East Main Street, Danville, IN 46122.

If you are not familiar with the Mountain Top Ministries Student Sponsorship Program, visit our website ( to learn more, sponsor a student or to write to us for more information.

Not convinced that education is important in a land like Haiti? Go to the link below & read what author Edwidge Danticat had to say about learning to read & its importance to her family & those around her. The visitor that she refers to in her article (Raphaelle Cardozo Baker) is a close friend of ours & we use her books in our schools.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Richardson Exile is the MTM Gramothe High School student that was driving his father's truck when it lost brakes, hit the side of the mountain, flipped & stopped just on the downside edge of the road Saturday, killing his father & another student at the school (Denilson Jean Jules-see post below).
Many of you have been so kind to email asking about the accident, those involved & offering your help as well as your prayers. Thank you.
We want to give a little insight to the person of Richardson Exile, as well as the events in his life leading up to Saturday & to let everyone know how he is doing.

Let me begin by saying that Richardson & his brother have been at the MTM Gramothe school since it's beginning (1999). Their mother, a voodoo priestess, withdrew them from their school in the city to support the school in their own village. Knowing it was a Christian school, she chose to send her children & together with her husband, they supported the rule that children who go to the school must come to church. Through this, the father began coming to church, as well as the maternal grandmother!
Both boys have always been very upstanding, respectable students who excel in their work. Both active in the church, Richardson leads the youth group & plays with the worship team. Recently, Willem encouraged the High School students to participate in the clinic if there was an area that they had an interest in. Richardson was the only one to come forward. He was quickly put to work learning how to use the portable lab machine, something he picked up very quickly & took a great interest in.
The week before the accident Richardson had a seizure & his mother tried to convince him to try her magic, he adamantly refused. Wednesday night in church Richardson shared this testimony & Willem had the church to pray over him & they did for a very long time.
After the accident (Saturday) as Willem was taking the father to the hospital, it was said that Richardson was clinging to his Bible in the back of the truck crying out, "God, where are you!". Stephen was in the clinic helping when Willem returned with Ricardson & his mother. Stephen said he was crying buckets of tears but kept saying, "Thank you Jesus". Sunday in church Richardson, usually on a guitar, chose to play the drums instead. Just before church was finished, he asked to sing a song & testified that God is so good to him.
This is quite moving.
I would say that Richardson "gets it"...his faith & salvation in Christ & the providential care that God gives over him & his family.
Would you please continue to pray with us for Richardson & his family?
Thank you in advance.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

DENILSON JEAN JULES 01/09/05 - 02/07/09

Denilson was a happy & bright young boy attending the MTM Gramothe school since the fall of 2000 when he entered the Preschool. His parents are farmers & he lived in the village of Gramothe with his brother & 2 sisters. Denilson loved to play soccer & in a recent writing assignment for school he said, "I am happy that we are able to go to school because I learn more about Jesus".
Denilson will be greatly missed by family, friends & classmates.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Willem has just called as he is traveling to the hospital near Port au Prince.
Richardson Exile, one of our high school students, was driving a small pickup truck filled with supplies & people down the mountain from the village of Gramothe. The truck lost its brakes & it appears that he lost control of the truck causing it to go over the edge of the road. A small boy was killed immediately & now Richardson's father has died on the way to the hospital.
Again, we will report more as we know it.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.
Some of you know the story of the Exile family. The mother has stayed in her voodoo practice, yet has happily supported the work of MTM in the village of Gramothe by sending her 2 boys to the school since its opening in 1999. Through the MTM Gramothe church, both boys, the father & their grandmother have come to know the Lord as their personal Savior. Please pray for the mother to now accept Christ as her Savior.


Dear Friends,
As I type, Willem is on his way to the hospital with a truck load of people that are injured. It appears that a small truck loaded with supplies & people on it's way to Gramothe somehow fell off of the road. The pictures below are all we can see from the house & there have been a couple frantic phone calls about injured & at least one death of a child. We are not sure of the details at this time, but will update you more as we know.