Sunday, October 26, 2008


At MTM in Haiti, we hope to expose our missions teams to as much as possible.
Yep, that includes adventurous trips across the river to get to the MTM Dumay school.

(remember the pig carrier?!)

Another part of what we do is to make sure all of our visitors are comfortable, cared for & have good food to eat! We try to provide some creature comforts to make coming to a "3rd world country" a little easier. Nothing like a hot shower after a long day's work, internet connectivity to your favorite hometown..

(see anyone you know?)

...or a comfy bed to sleep in safe from creatures that like to "sing" in your ears!

(is that the ladies' room?!)
How great to bring your family to the mission field & have an evening chat with your dad,

or to watch your son nurture relationships with friends!

(WOW!...stand back!)

So, whether at the work site...

..or at the mission house...

...regardless of the talent or the age, there is always work to do!

MTM also partners with other organizations in Haiti to accomplish it's goal.

We were happy to have this young man & his sister (not pictured) work with our recent medical team, as interpreters, to earn required community service hours for their school.

The nurse at Stephen & David's school came up the mountain to stay the night so she could be at the clinic with doctors and nurses for the day. This is her way of continuing her education in Haiti & MTM was happy to provide her the opportunity to be with those we know are some of the best!
(Thanks Miquette, for helping Stephen to be successful with his weekly Bible verse!)

What did you eat today?

This last week we've been hosting a very special team. This team was diverse in every way, including their medical & surgical talents. MTM, the village of Gramothe as well as folks from up to 6 hours walking distance are grateful.
Iowa, Arizona & Indiana, you know who you are. There are no words to say how grateful we are for you giving of your time, talents & finances that it took for you to be here & to bring precious medical supplies with you.
With all the talents gathered in the mountain clinic of Gramothe, none can cure hunger. Our last 3 medical teams (June, September & October) have seen hunger & desperation like never before.
Most mountain folk, though poor through the eyes of westerners & some other Haitians, are actually better off. They are usually able to grow enough crops & have pasture land for their animals so that they have something to eat. With recent food prices increasing coupled with harsh rains that have washed away farmlands, not much remains.
The father pictured below walked over 4 hours to find help for his young daughter of 2 years weighing in at 16 lbs. His complaint was that scabies were all over his children & that this daughter could not walk. When asked what kind of food she was eating, he said there was no food to eat. Though this might be an exaggeration, it's most likely not by much at all. The father himself looks thin, but is obviously still proud of his family.

MTM is always open for donations that you would feel led to give. Any amount is usable towards helping the Haitian people to help themselves to a better life. Check out our website or ask someone who has been here on a missions trip to find out the many ways that MTM is ministering Christ to Haiti.
You may go to our website & give, or send a check or money order to our Danville, Indiana address.
Thank you for your prayers of strength & for your partnership.

Dumay School...

Schools in Haiti were finally allowed by the government to open their doors to students on October 6th. I cannot tell you how children on the streets dressed in starched, bright uniforms on their way to school beaming with delight! As I drove I watched them bounce to their tap-tap or walk their path with no sight of dread for how they would get to school, just excitement that they were going!
One very important element of the education of children attending the MTM schools is the hot, nutritious lunch they receive at noon each school day. With the tremendous increase in food prices all around the world, but immensely more in Haiti, MTM is extremely blessed to have a Canadian based organization temporarily raising funds to help offset expenses for the lunch program in Dumay that our student sponsorship monies are not able to cover at this time.
Some recent work on our finances reveal that only 1/3 of our students have sponsors that are faithfully paying their commitment. This is the money that is used to pay our Haitian staff, feed our students, provide books & materials as well as health care.
FACT: MTM is operating 2 Pre-K through 6th grade schools plus a high school (through grade 10). MTM employees & pays, on time each month, 85 locals as teachers, janitors, cooks and assistants. Each student (& employee) at both schools receive a hot lunch each school day, receive needed medical care & are equipped with tools necessary to do their jobs & to be educated.
If you are a sponsor that is maintaining your commitment, THANK YOU!
If you are a sponsor that has fallen behind in your sponsorship, contact us today.
If you are not a sponsor & would like to be, sign up at our website ( NOW!

Thank you, Rice Raisers, for your partnership!
Another group that has been drawn to the area of Dumay is Surrey Alliance Church in Surrey, BC, Canada. They brought us a team in August that did work projects at the school in Dumay.
How blessed the preschool children were to walk into their classrooms this fall! The teachers feel like they're in heaven teaching! Everyone is happy, happy, happy!
Thank you, Surrey Alliance, for brightening these children's lives!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Our very own over 40, over zealous, over achieving Willem Charles recently recieved a life changing procedure by visiting doctors from the Dubuque, Iowa & Terre Haute, Indiana areas.

After a little attention, everything was fine. Our fearless leader is now "back at it"!

Meet Sheila!

Sheila is now 3 days old & continues to do well. Her mother, Mme. Stephen, also continues to do well in her recovery.
Now, I'm not sure of the exact spelling of her name. In Haiti there is a brand of rice called, "Shella", pronouced the same, but I can't say she looks like a grain of rice so we'll have to wait to hear more about this!
Until then you can be sure that this little one will be called,
"Ti-Sheilla", "Ti" meaning little.
For the record, someone may recognize the chick blanket in this picture & the yellow cap in a previous picture. These were brought to the MTM Gramothe Clinic by visiting PNP, Cindy Read. Thank you to those who put these birthing kits together!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's arrived!

MTM's very own master chef of the school kitchen, Mme. Stephen, gave birth to a little girl, Tuesday, October 21st at about 8 p.m.!
Both mom & baby are doing very well. Dr. Marcia, Dr. Joe & Dr. Tammy are here this week holding clinic. When the phone call came that Mme. Stephen's water had broke, they rushed up the mountain, arriving just after the home birth had occured.
Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Arrivals!

Finally out of Haitian customs is this Ford Excursion, purchased for MTM to help move in-coming teams from the airport to the mountain. The last MTM team arrived to the PAP airport, in the rain, & drove to the mountain, in the rain. Yes, that means all of the people & the luggage were soaked by the time they arrived. The Excursion can shuttle 10 people plus carry ons, & best of all for us, it's diesel! A big, big thanks to all of those in Iowa that helped with this purchase, customs & the process of it all from start to finish!

Tightly packed away in the Excursion was this brand new sound system. Thank you to those in Terre Haute who provided this badly needed, valuable piece of equipment to the church of Gramothe.
Matt has an enthusiastic student as Stephen is detirmined to be the new sound man!

Now here's a good lookin' sound man who is ready to be in control!
Thanks Matt for all your help!

Church in Gramothe will never be the same!

Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Toilet Photos!

Ok, look closely as these may be the last of the Gramothe School Toilet photos that you get to see for a long time!
The "doors" (shower curtains-thanks to Molly & her wonderful mother!) are up & the facilities have had 2 days of initiation by students & staff :)

Students are thrilled & just can't believe that someone would be in there having a "b.m." & noone knows (ha! the blessing of a personal window-exhaust!)!

Enjoy the following pics & hey, thanks for letting us share!
Primary school girls trying out the new sink.

High school girl checking out the new flush toilet.

Some of the high school guys get a tip from Willem of where not to aim :)

Just a cute bunch of guys getting a handwashing lesson.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Gramothe School Toilet Update!

We hate to keep harping about toilets, but folks, this is a really big deal! I mean, it's big enough that Willem stood in the pulpit Sunday morning & explained to the people how to flush (& what not to flush) & the importance of washing their hands after.
Imagine never knowing any other means of going to the toilet except either squatting on the ground or going to the outhouse.
The teachers & students were so happy today as they returned to school seeing the new facility.
Stay tuned, Willem has promised new & improved pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mountain Top Ministries Student Sponsors

Are you someone who is blessed to be a sponsor of a student who is attending one of the Mountain Top Ministries schools? If so, thank you for your continued faithfulness! If not, go to our website at and register today to become one! Current MTM sponsors may also now register and set up their contributions, online!

Sending a Haitian child to school is a life time investment both in their personal life and for the future of their country, and, our world!

By sponsoring a student, your $25/month contribution helps to pay the teachers and staff of the school, purchase many of the books and supplies needed as well as help to provide a hot lunch for students every school day.

Students also benefit by providing the MTM medical teams traveling from the United States and Canada a "captive audiance" of which to do all kinds of specialized hygiene teaching from learning how to properly wash their hands, to brushing and caring for their teeth as well as proper nutrition. Students also recieve de-worming meds twice each year as well as individualized medical attention, as needed.

MTM is very proud of the progress that our directors and teaching staff have made with our students. For 6 of the 9 years that our schools have been open, most all of our students are passing their 6th grade annual government exams that are given here in Haiti. This is a very difficult, cumulative exam that is often failed. How exciting when our students pass and are able to continue on into the highschool!

Don't forget, as an MTM student sponsor, our Haitian doors are always open for you to come visit your student, their family and their village. Nothing will bless you more!

"Deb" with one of her sponsored students.