Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mountain Top Ministries School

It has been a while since MTM has made a blog post, so we're going to begin today by posting pictures from various aspects of the ministry work that we do in Haiti. Today we will start with our schools.

One of the MTM Gramothe Preschool Classes

The new school year began last month for the MTM students. Teachers and students were happy to return to classes. MTM was excited to note that our grade 6 students combined (both Gramothe and Dumay) had a 90% passing rate on their national exams. This is commendable! Of our Gramothe High School students, grade 9 had a 76% passing rate and grade 12 had 12 students out of 26 who passed the very difficult national exam.

MTM Gramothe High School students in class.

MTM students, grade Pre-K through high school graduation receive a quality Christian education, a hot lunch each school day, medical care as well as help with their school supplies. Each Wednesday they attend chapel services and starting next week, an immunization program hosted by the National Department of Public Health will take place. Along with Polio and DPT immunizations school-wide, an HIV seminar and voluntary testing will be provided for our high school aged students.

MTM students receive assistance from their teacher.

The MTM Gramothe and Dumay schools are only able to operate with your help through the Student Sponsorship Program. Sponsors pay $25 each month to provide free school with a hot lunch for each of our students. Other donations are also accepted and helpful to offset the cost of the lunch program, teacher salaries, books & supplies and building maintenance.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MTM student sponsor family, please contact the MTM Indiana office today (812-870-3939).

Preschool students play on their playground equipment.

MTM Gramothe High School students benefit from the computer lab.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

MTM Website Notice

MTM has been experiencing some difficulty with on line giving.

Therefore, the MTM website will be getting some upgrades and other work done soon. While this is taking place, please send all donations to:

Mountain Top Ministries

P.O. Box 7053

Terre Haute, IN 47802

For assistance with an online donation or questions about your account you may call the MTM Office Manager, Deb Williams, at:


This time of maintenance work on the website will not affect recurring donations that have already been established.

We apologize for any inconvienence this may cause.

As always we are grateful for your partnership with the ministry work being done in Haiti.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The MTM Laboule Children's Home is a special place to be. All together, 12 children are being raised there as a family. Each child is legally orphaned; either one or both parents are deceased. We have 5 boys, 4 of those are ages 8-9 while the oldest is 12. The 7 girls are ages 8-15. One sibling group lives at the MTM Laboule Children's Home, but having been together since 2004, all of the children are a tight family unit!
There are 3 nannies that rotate days off so that there are 2 nannies present all the time to care for the children. Some of the children have extended family that visit them from time to time. Their life at the home is simple, but is far more than they would have had otherwise.
They enjoy having electricity, 3 meals each day, healthcare when it is needed, a warm bed to sleep in and the opportunity to go to school, just to name a few things.
These children are being raised together and are being given the skills to be a productive part of society. Several of them enjoy crocheting and embrodier work. Some want to be mechanics while others want to be school teachers and nurses or doctors.
Last Saturday, public power was available and the opportunity presented itself for the boys to all get a hair cut in an effort to prepare for the start of school on Monday.

The MTM Laboule Children's Home operates on a meeger budget of $2,000USD each month. This pays for food, hygiene needs, staff pay, utilities and other necessities that the children have. Unfortunately, the "trickle down afffect" from the past year's financial crisis in the US has stopped funding of the monthly budget.
Would you or someone you know like to help? If so, please contact us today or click on "Donate" at the MTM website and follow the prompts.
Thank you for your prayers and for your consideration to give towards the care of these children.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Laboule Children's Home

The MTM Laboule Children's Home is one more aspect of ministry work taking place in Haiti through MTM.
Living together at the home are 12 eager to learn boys and girls ranging in ages 7-15, complete with four boys age 7!
It's a great place to spend time! The children are bright eyed and holding on to your every next move or word. Each has their own defined personality but together they are family.
Newly arrived to MTM, Britney Smith has been able to spend time with these children this week. Click on the link below to get a sample of how she has been interacting with Fabrice, Mackendy, Dayele, Robenson, Johnson, Nerlande, Mylinda, Marise, Marie Ange, Dania, Johana and Hyphania.
We are grateful for the committment that Britney has made to MTM to work at the High School and with the children at the MTM Laboule Children's Home.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Trusted and faithful to the end,
that describes this worker and great friend.
Loyal to her God and to her family,
sorely missed by all she will be.
Mother to many and disciplinarian too,
school children, team members, not known by few.
Many life heart aches she did suffer and endure,
her health quickly depleted, she was too young for sure.
Madame Stephen now rejoices before her King,
He always was her everything!

September 5th, 2010

*MTM Head Cook at the Gramothe School Cafeteria*Gramothe Church Treasurer and Deacon*Mother of 2 surviving children*Faithful wife*Faithful friend

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"A night to ignite a vision"...

"A night to ignite a vision"...


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


5353 Eldridge Road, Terre Huate, IN


We invite you to join us and learn how your prayers and giving have and will continue to bless a nation as we gather to "ignite a vision".

For more information call: 812-870-3939

Thursday, February 25, 2010

KENIA TILUS JULY 22, 2004 ~ FEBRUARY 13, 2010

Kenia Tilus, born July 22, 2004, was a casualty of the tragic earthquake that struck the country of Haiti on February 12, 2010.
While walking along the river bed with her father after attending a day of Kindergarten at the MTM Gramothe school, the earthquake struck & a rock slide was triggered striking this vivacious little girl.
Two MTM medical team members had just started to cross the river bed when they saw the events unfold. They labored to breath life into this little girl while traveling on an ATV to find help at a local hospital. Her family urgently prayed for God to spare her life.
While morning approached, Kenia's family cried out as they released their child into the hands of God.
On behalf of Kenia's family, "Thank you" to those who worked endlessly to save her life while risking their own. She was a bright little girl who loved to play with her doll & loved being with her friends at school.
Please pray for Kenia's family, who are serving Christ, as well as her classmates who will miss her presence in their classroom.