Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Travels

Greetings everyone!
The Charles Family is now in Indiana for summer travels. We covet your prayers as we continue to keep the ministry work of MTM before others. Also as we try to find times of rest & refreshment in all that we do. Stephen & David will both attend church camp this year. We ask you to agree in prayer with us that God would continue to grow & mature them in HIS Holy Spirit.
This weekend we'll be at the HOPE CHURCH in Dubuque, Iowa. They have services Saturday evening & Sunday Morning. Willem will be giving an MTM Presentation on Sunday night.
Monday morning we'll begin traveling to BC, Canada where we'll be fellowshipping & sharing about the work of MTM in Haiti until July 6th.
July 11th & 12th we'll be at Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church in Terre Haute, Indiana. Beth will be sharing at a luncheon tea on Saturday & Willem will be sharing in both of the morning services on Sunday. Sunday pm service we'll be at the Shelburn First Baptist Church.
The weekend of July 19th we'll be going north to Chicago where we'll have some fellowship time with friends & ministry partners. Willem will be speaking at a church Sunday morning.
Wednesday pm service July 22nd, Willem shares at Cross Tabernacle, Terre Haute, IN.
July 26th Willem will be preaching the a.m. serviced at the First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute.
On Sunday, August 2nd in the a.m. service, Willem will preach his last stateside service before returning to Haiti at Calvary Chaple of Danville, Danville, IN.
For more details on the above dates, please send us an email.
There will be other gatherings & opportunities to visit this summer. We sure hope to see you here & if not, then perhaps we'll see you in Haiti or if the Lord chooses not to tarry, we'll see you in heaven!
Blessings & safety on your summer!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A really HUGE THANK YOU to the many fantastic ameture photographers that come on teams each year. As they dedicate their time & talents to minister to others, they are able to catch some wonderful shots of the precious humanity & nature that Haiti beholds.

Working Together...

It is our honor to host many teams each year. Teams are comprised of people young & old & from all walks of life that make a decision to come to Haiti to see, do & give of themselves. The following pictures are just a few of those who were able to come & just a small glimpse of what they've done.

It all starts with prayer...
Building & repairing desks & school benches...

A flute on the mountain is not a common site!

The Kindergarten walls were not the only thing that became brighter...

Minor removal of a growth can be a major life change for many!

Helping a young patient that had been seen on a previous trip.

Have we mentioned holding children with warm, loving arms?

It takes everyone working together (sponsors) to create these happy faces at lunch time!

An organized library/workroom!

Helping another to hear a heart beat!

Awe, awe, awesome! New storage shelves!

Passing out donated crocs to students...

A working water well in Dumay!

Providing health care & deworming medications to students...

Sharing a handshake across cultures...

Everyone helps...
Even the youngster who is getting a new house!

Did we say, play?...yes!
Any age, there is something for everyone!

We challenge YOU to come & see what God can do through you!


The MTM Gramothe Clinic Waiting area is officially in use!

The last 2 medical teams have seen it in action. The waiting area has already proven to be a wonderful place to show educational dvds & teach to a captive (waiting) audiance!

Below are a few pictures to show you the amazing difference for both the clinic patients & for the staff...

Before, our staff worked in the dossier room that looked like this...

Now, they have lots of space to be organized!

Before, our patients waited outside...

Now, they have a seat inside sheltered from the weather!

We praise God for all who have made this new clinic waiting area possible for the people who are serviced at the MTM Gramothe clinic.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Student Sponsors

Here are some pictures of MTM student sponsors that have made a trip to Haiti to meet & spend time with their student this year....

Bob has been an MTM student sponsor since we first began in 1999. He tries to come each year to work with us & spend time with his student.

Bruce (above) & David (below) made their first trip to MTM in January with a work team from their church & got to meet their sponsored students for the first time.

Diane has also been an MTM student sponsor for many years. She likes to return to Haiti as often as she can to encourage, inspire & give hope to her student.

Ron is another long time MTM student sponsor of two students. Pictured here with one of his students. On Sunday at church, the student's grandmother & little sister posed for a picture with their returning friend.

Many other MTM student sponsors make trips to work with us while visiting their student each year. Sponsors often get to meet the families of their student, see their homes, join them for lunch at school & at church on Sunday, depending on where the student lives.

If you would like to visit the student that you sponsor through Mountain Top Ministries, or if you would like to join the family of MTM Student Sponsors, contact us today!