Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2007 at the Mountain Top Ministries Gramothe School

Jumping castle, hot dogs, popcorn, sno cone and lots of Christmas cheer!

Christmas 2007 at the Mountian Top Ministries Dumay School

A big thank you to our friends and ministry partners at the Zanesville United Methodist Church in Zanesville, IN.
Each year they see to it that our M-T-M Gramothe school has some kind of Christmas celebration. This year was no exception. Their vacation Bible school worked hard last summer to raise money for the jumping castle to return to our Gramothe school.
Canadian ministry partner, Ron Ediger also gave a donation that helped to pay the balance of the jumping castle as well as to help provide aditional gifts for the M-T-M Dumay school students.
Thanks to all of you who helped to make this Christmas a little more special for the children of Haiti.
May God bless each of you, our ministry partners, in the new year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank you Deb!

We want to take time to say a special thanks to our ministry partner, Deb Williams, who recently came to Haiti to spend time to help with the student-sponsor correspondence for December. Deb and her husband, Bob, have been long time student sponsors and have made several trips to Mountain Top Ministries in Haiti. It was great to have Deb with us!

While she was here, Deb helped in a lot of ways and she got to see a lot too!

In September we were finally able to bring in over 2,000 pairs of shoes that Deb and her husband collected. She was thrilled to be able to help distribute some of the shoes to students at both our Gramothe and Dumay schools.

Deb in Dumay helping students find shoes that they like and that fit their feet!

Deb finds a pair of shoes for her own sponsored student at the M-T-M Dumay school.

Deb is able to send 2 pairs of shoes home with her husband's sponsored student from the M-T-M Gramothe school.
Students at theM-T-M Gramothe school have fun choosing a new pair of shoes.
While in at the M-T-M Dumay school, Deb got to visit the village and also see first hand some of the flood damage from recent tropical storm flooding.

I (Beth) was very grateful of the help that Deb provided in an effort to prepare and mail student correspondence to our sponsors for December. This involved going into the classrooms to collect writings and handprints from students to send to their sponsors, translating the writings and then putting it all together with a newsletter to mail. Deb had a great experience at both schools as students were receptive and excited to participate.

While here, Deb also helped me (Beth) to package up gifts for our Dumay students; over 300 bags! A huge thanks to Mr. Tim Jarvis for arranging to send all those wonderful Christmas bags with Deb!

The M-T-M Laboule Children's Home was another fun spot for us to visit with Deb. Stephen, David, Deb & I (Beth) loaded up the car and off we went to decorate the home with the children there. It was a fun time for all, see...

While some of us decorated the tree...

others helped the children to make paper chain decorations...

while others did some holiday coloring...

and we all enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich when we were done!

Children of the M-T-M Laboule Children's Home.

Deb's week ended with attending Sunday church services at the M-T-M Church in Gramothe village. To her delight, Deb recognized many of the shoes that she'd given throughout the week, but moreso, the happy faces that are etched in her memory.

Thank you, Deb, for coming to serve with us, to encourage us and to love us.

God bless you always!
Your friends at Mountain Top Ministries, Gramothe and Dumay villages, Haiti.

Monday, November 26, 2007

One last look...

Hello again!

We couldn't resist giving you one last look at the week with the Ediger & Sons team from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. They were joined by our friends from Indiana: Matt, Babs, Grace & Vivian Edwards & also Maryann from Washington. Thanks for being a wonderful part of our family during the Thanksgiving holiday!

The village of Gramothe


M-T-M Gramothe High School Library
book shelves

computer stations

Some needed more rest than others...

Others need lots of help!


...and a little lady in red!

Happy to give, happy to recieve!

The village of Dumay


Using guides to cross the river.

After tropical storm "Noel".

Eager helpers carry new benches to the cafeteria.

Good rewards!

Thank you Ediger & Sons!

Edigar & Sons Team visit to Rivers of Hope adoption orphanage...

Sunday afternoon...this one is for all of you adopting parents out there who are waiting to take your child(ren) home from Rivers of Hope here in Haiti.

Edigar & Sons team stopped by to take your children some warm blankets & to play with them a bit. Some of these team members were here earlier this year & built storage shelves for Rachel in the children's home.
We hope you enjoy the following pics. The team had a blessed time with all of the children.

We also took time out to stop at the M-T-M Laboule Children's Home.