Saturday, June 16, 2007

June Update!

Happy Birthday David (#7)!

Summer time play!

Gramothe kindergarten students pose for a picture.

Hello everyone, sorry it has been a while since we've updated. There is certainly much to tell about!

Today we are finishing up as we pack to leave for the states on Monday. God is good & we're ready for a rest! We are blessed to be spending the first 5 days of our trip with family friends at Disney World in Orlando, FL, thanks guys for make that possible!

We have a busy schedule this summer, but are hoping to see as many of you as possible while we are out. I'll write more about that (our schedule) at another time. For now, let's back-track & see what's been going on....

For our MTM student sponsors you should have gotten your May/June correspondence, or should recieve them within the next week at the very least. If you did not recieve one, please email us. For everyone else, our annual newsletter will go out while we are stateside this summer.

It was a busy time getting pictures together with names and grades from both schools of nearly 800 students! Whew, I'm glad that is done for another year! I love seeing their faces & matching them with their sponsors as I prepare them to mail. Some of our students were absent when pictures were taken & some have left the school. Those notes were enclosed too. Any questions, please let us know.

Stephen & David have had a great start to their summer. Recently, they've found a clear water pool in the river bed. Unseasonal rains & natural springs are to thank for that! Again today they have hiked down with friends to partake in the refreshing play. (See 2nd & 3rd pictures)

Casey is at summer camp with the National Guard. He'll be finished about the time that we arrive in Terre Haute. He continues to live the busy life of work, Guard & college.

June 6th was not only David's birthay, but also the last day of school. We shared goodies at school with his classmates & a classmate who shares David's birth date. Also, their first grade teacher was ending her 20 year missionary career in Haiti. (See 1st picture)

It can't be summer without puppies! We have 7 rotty puppies that are just as cute as they can be. It's fun watching to boys get attached & be detirmined to keep all of them (um, plus the 5 already within our yard!).

As we prepare to leave Haiti for a short time, please keep our family in prayer. Our number 1 request is that we are able to kick back, rest & enjoy ourselves together at Disney before we set off on our busy schedule once arriving in Terre Haute. We are blessed to be in 5 new churches this summer presenting our work & delivering a word of encouragement. Please pray that ears would be opened & that the Holy Spirit would use us to challenge & bless those around us. Please pray for traveling mercies, continued good health & again, rest both physically & spiritually.

While traveling & speaking we'll be sharing more about the future surgical & dental centre that is under construction in Gramothe, additions at the Dumay school, the building of our family home & how God is blessing the church in Gramothe. Accompanying us this trip is Miss Micka Hyppolite, a native of Haiti that calls the village of Gramothe home. Micka, as many of you know, works with us in the medical clinic, at the orphanage 2 days each week & she also leads praise & worship in the church. Her eyes are big thinking about coming to the United States for the first time, but I imagine they'll get even bigger as she climbs the steps to board that big jet plane!

Ok, that's it for now, time to go do some more packing :) We're looking forward to seeing everyone & of course, the boys are ready for a "McDonald's"!

Blessings to all!
Willem, Beth, Stephen & David