Monday, June 23, 2008

We're in Indiana!

After a hasty flight to Miami since our flight to Fort Lauderdale was cancelled, we were on our way to a couple days' stay at Tybee Island, GA. Our family had a great few days there resting & enjoying some of the sights & activities before beginning our drive to Terre Haute.

(Sorry, no pictures...I'm working on a different computer & having some "technical" difficulties!)

Soon we'll be in a wonderful condo that has been provided for our summer stay. Praise God for his provision of a comfortable place for our family to rest in while we continue in ministry to those around us! A great big thank you to all of you who helped to make these accommodations to happen for us.

The following are some of our upcoming dates. If you are able, please feel free to join us in the services!
*Interview with WPFR radio station-FM 99.1 (TBA)
*Farmers' Chapel Church, Terre Haute, IN-June 29th, a.m. & p.m. services
*United Methodist Church on Fruitridge & Maple Ave., Terre Haute, IN-June 6th, a.m. service
*Coatesville Christian Church, Coatesville, IN-July 6th, p.m. service
*Mt. Pleasant U.M. Church, Terre Haute, IN-July 13th, a.m. service
*Oregon Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN-July 13th, p.m. service
*July 17th-20 we'll be traveling to Dubuque, IA for a fundraiser & church services
*****Friday, July 25th @6:30 p.m. be at the World Gospel Church, State Road 46, Terre Haute, IN for the first ever MTM Reunion/Fundraising event. We will be sharing about MTM, giving you all time to fellowship & share about your part of Haiti with each other as we "break bread" & reminisce together. You won't want to miss this event! Be watching for more details.
*Sullivan Baptist Church, Sullivan, IN-July 27th, a.m. service
*Clinton Baptist Church, Clinton, IN-July 27th, p.m. service
*Cross Tabernacle, Terre Haute, IN-July 30th, p.m. service
*Terre Haute 1st Baptist Church, Terre Haute, IN-August 3rd, a.m. service
*King's Highway Tabernacle Church, Terre Haute, IN-August 3rd, p.m. service

Stay tuned for more!