Monday, April 28, 2008


He is now your brother in Christ!

Sainristil Tilus gave his heart to Jesus yesterday, testifying that he was turning from a life of serving satan with his witchcraft to serving who he now knows to be the One true God of the world!
Praise the Lord!
Sainristil is pictured above with his wife (a long time Gramothe church member) & 2 of his 15 children. His youngest child, Sofia, is presently being adopted to a family in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Church leaders pray with Sainristil before he prays to ask God, in the name of Jesus, to forgive him of his sins & to come into his heart as Lord over his life.
The Gramothe church was very excited about this conversion as they have prayed for this man for many years!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


New Jersey school teacher, Laura Gesin, came to visit us in March during her spring break.
A year ago December she found MTM on-line & decided to write. Laura appeared on our doorstep a few months later! Since then, Laura has captured a great vision for helping MTM to develop a supplimental English speaking program for our high school students that will grow into a school-wide program.
Please take time to visit her website to read about her trip & see her pics. She has alot to say & had some really great pics, even one of her & I! I'll let you see for yourself, go to:
While you are there you can go to her archives to see about her 2007 trip.
Please pray for Laura & MTM as we venture thru this program!


It recently came to our attention that people really do read our blog!
How blessed we were to find that some have chosen to send additional finances to Mountain Top Ministries for our feeding programs. After reading our update about the demonstrations that were taking place here in Haiti recently, these folks were compelled to take action.
Thank you!
Your additional finances will help to offset costs of the feeding programs that we are responsible for at both of our schools & at our children's home.
Currently, people are continuing with their daily lives, being watchful that another uprising could happen at any time. Still, nothing else has changed with the situation that initially set off demonstrations two weeks ago. We wait to see what actions the government will take & then we wait to see how the public will respond.
While we wait we keep our pantry stocked with staples & thru this experience we've also learned to keep an additional reserve of food at each of the schools & at the children's home.
With your continued giving we are able to provide for our students & staff.
They are thankful each day.
Because of your partnership, MTM is able to give them one less thing to worry about in their day.
If you are sponsoring a student or giving to our feeding programs, thank you, & please, continue. If you are not, but would like to give, you may do so online at our website:
or you may send a check or money order made payable to MTM at:
Mountain Top Ministries
c/o Calvary Chapel of Danville
2165 E. Main St.
Danville, IN 46122
*please designate your giving to "food programs"
Again, on behalf of the many Haitian people that you are touching with your prayers & giving,

Meet Nickson Sainlius...

Nickson Sainlius is 12 years old & is in the 4th grade at the MTM Gramothe School. He likes school & works hard at his studies. When he grows up, Nickson would like to be a dentist & pull teeth. He said that he still has all of his teeth & his smile is a testimony to that! My guess is that Mr. Nickson must have spent time watching Dr. Lorre pull teeth in the MTM Gramothe clinic recently!
What influence have you been to the young people around you today?
They are watching us!


(Stephen is in the 2nd row in the middle wearing his white uniform shirt. He is the tallest of his class.)
Yes, April 21st Stephen celebrated his 12th birthday with his classmates enjoying their pizza, root beer & cake. The rest of the day was pretty low-key as he went home sick & stayed home until Thursday with a very bad cold.
David is next, June 6th he'll turn 8. He is busy now planning his own celebration :)
Stephen was also busy at the beginning of the month preparing a science poster project on the biome of his choosing, the desert. We had a fun time collecting information & pictures together. After giving his oral presentation, Stephen recieved a B+!
Way to go Stephen!
We should be in the Terre Haute area about June 23rd for the summer. Everyone is getting excited & making plans about what to do!
We'll see everyone then!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Food, that is the big issue in Haiti right now. If you go to your favorite address bar & type in the word, "Haiti", you can read the latest happenings that are going on here. Many are hungry & tired of no jobs, no money & no food. It's a world-wide crisis; the price of grain which affects the price of basic staples like rice, corn & wheat are on the rise. Prices have doubled & are increasing here in Haiti daily & weekly.

Some are already asking what they can do. Our suggestion is this: If you are already giving to a reputable organization that is involved in an active food program, continue to give faithfully & consider an increase in your giving. If you are not currently giving to a reputable organization that is already active in a food program, find one & start giving today.

Mountain Top Ministries provides alot of opportunity for you to get involved in such a program. At our Gramothe school (Pre-K thru 10th grade) we are providing a hot meal at noon for each of our students & staff, about 600, 5 days of the week. At our Dumay school (Pre-K thru 6th) we are providing the same, feeding about 500. MTM also has a children's home of 13 children that recieve 3 meals each day. Keep in mind, all our staff continue to be paid the same salary thru all the rising of food prices. We will soon need to raise their salaries to help them meet the needs for their own families.

For the last 3 months we have had to increase the amount of money that we pay for the same amount of food for each of these programs. If you are already giving, thank you! This is an important time to give faithfully.

If you would like to send a gift to MTM to use towards our feeding programs, you may do so by sending your check or money order made payable to Mountain Top Ministries to:
C/O Calvary Chapel of Danville
2165 East Main Street
Danville, IN 46122
Please designate your giving to "food programs".

At the very least, please pray for Haiti. This last week has been a very difficult one for most who live here & we still have some difficult times ahead of us.

Thank you in advance for considering what you can do.

Willem & Beth

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lunch in Dumay!

Since the opening of the MTM Dumay school, we have faced many obstacles there. It's an area steeped in voodoo which has led to great poverty in the midst of wealth. Wealth of water, wealth of fertile, tillable ground & the wealth of other natural resources. When the heavy spring rains fall, the nearby river floods over & often time washes away part of the village with it leaving many homeless & not allowing our trucks to cross over with supplies & encouragement.

Despite the obstacles, MTM is extremely blessed to have good teachers that want to come to work each day & give to the children who attend the school. MTM is also extremely blessed to have good students who want to come to school each day to learn. We are also blessed to have good parents who understand the value of an education & that faithfully send their children to school each day.

Friday, March 28th, MTM was finally able to fulfill our committment (in full) to the families of Dumay & open our school cafeteria for full service to the students. Thank you Rice Raisers/Canada for the extra push to help us get this going! Before, we simply got by with a small pastry & whatever that could easily be prepared for the children. How wonderful it now is to give each child at the MTM Dumay school a big, hot plate of rice & beans & other nutrious sides to enjoy! Take a look at the pictures below to see how these children appreciate their new school lunch!

Class by class the students are served in the new cafeteria!

Faithfully sponsoring a student thru Mountain Top Ministries is a very simple way to help Haiti. For $25 each month, you can help a child recieve an education which includes school expenses, Biblical training, medical care & a nutrious hot lunch each day.
For more information about our student sponsorship program or any other information, please email us directly at or contact Jimmy Metheos, CFRM, MTM Director of Develpment/Management at or call 563-556-give.