Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The MTM Laboule Children's Home is a special place to be. All together, 12 children are being raised there as a family. Each child is legally orphaned; either one or both parents are deceased. We have 5 boys, 4 of those are ages 8-9 while the oldest is 12. The 7 girls are ages 8-15. One sibling group lives at the MTM Laboule Children's Home, but having been together since 2004, all of the children are a tight family unit!
There are 3 nannies that rotate days off so that there are 2 nannies present all the time to care for the children. Some of the children have extended family that visit them from time to time. Their life at the home is simple, but is far more than they would have had otherwise.
They enjoy having electricity, 3 meals each day, healthcare when it is needed, a warm bed to sleep in and the opportunity to go to school, just to name a few things.
These children are being raised together and are being given the skills to be a productive part of society. Several of them enjoy crocheting and embrodier work. Some want to be mechanics while others want to be school teachers and nurses or doctors.
Last Saturday, public power was available and the opportunity presented itself for the boys to all get a hair cut in an effort to prepare for the start of school on Monday.

The MTM Laboule Children's Home operates on a meeger budget of $2,000USD each month. This pays for food, hygiene needs, staff pay, utilities and other necessities that the children have. Unfortunately, the "trickle down afffect" from the past year's financial crisis in the US has stopped funding of the monthly budget.
Would you or someone you know like to help? If so, please contact us today or click on "Donate" at the MTM website and follow the prompts.
Thank you for your prayers and for your consideration to give towards the care of these children.