Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mountain Top Ministries School

It has been a while since MTM has made a blog post, so we're going to begin today by posting pictures from various aspects of the ministry work that we do in Haiti. Today we will start with our schools.

One of the MTM Gramothe Preschool Classes

The new school year began last month for the MTM students. Teachers and students were happy to return to classes. MTM was excited to note that our grade 6 students combined (both Gramothe and Dumay) had a 90% passing rate on their national exams. This is commendable! Of our Gramothe High School students, grade 9 had a 76% passing rate and grade 12 had 12 students out of 26 who passed the very difficult national exam.

MTM Gramothe High School students in class.

MTM students, grade Pre-K through high school graduation receive a quality Christian education, a hot lunch each school day, medical care as well as help with their school supplies. Each Wednesday they attend chapel services and starting next week, an immunization program hosted by the National Department of Public Health will take place. Along with Polio and DPT immunizations school-wide, an HIV seminar and voluntary testing will be provided for our high school aged students.

MTM students receive assistance from their teacher.

The MTM Gramothe and Dumay schools are only able to operate with your help through the Student Sponsorship Program. Sponsors pay $25 each month to provide free school with a hot lunch for each of our students. Other donations are also accepted and helpful to offset the cost of the lunch program, teacher salaries, books & supplies and building maintenance.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MTM student sponsor family, please contact the MTM Indiana office today (812-870-3939).

Preschool students play on their playground equipment.

MTM Gramothe High School students benefit from the computer lab.