Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Blessed Helping Hands!

We want to take time to introduce you to some of our "Blessed Helping Hands"...

Without their assistance, our work load would be much heavier! We praise God for these extra hands every day!
Johane (left) was hired by MTM in January to be our Administrative Assistant. She is taking over most of Beth's responsibilities with the student sponsorship as well as working with the MTM teachers to be better organized with their record keeping. She will also assist with teams as needed. Johane is highly talented & being a Haitian, she has a heart to serve her people. We are happy to have such a talented young woman as a part of this ministry! Johane has a 10 month old daughter & has been married for 3 years.
Karen (right) has been in Haiti volunteering for MTM with her husband, Scott, since December. Together, they are gaining experience to one day continue in the ministry fields of Scotland. Right now, they are blessing the ministry work of MTM with their time & talents. Karen has been working closely with Johane & is our computer whiz kid! She also keeps herself busy with miscellaneous work in the clinic, sorting, taking inventories & working with the patient records. We will be sad to see her leave! Karen & Scott will have a definite memory of Haiti as they are leaving 5 months pregnant! Congratulations & God be with them!

Arold is the secretary at the MTM schools. Johane is working closely with him to continue to make the MTM schools a great place for students to be! Pictured here, he is sharing a letter with a student that her sponsor has sent. Arold has also worked closely with Karen. She has been training him how to manage patient records from the clinic on the computer.

Deb & her husband have been faithful student sponsors since 1999. They have a sincere heart for the children of Haiti, traveling to minister with us at every opportunity, collecting & bringing supplies & others with them. Deb has been an instrumental part in helping MTM to re-establish, maintain & refine our bookkeeping systems. Working at Sony full time, Deb has committed her talents & time to God, volunteering for the efforts of MTM. God is now blessing her sacrifices. Soon Deb's job at Sony will end & she will be working with us full time as our office assistant. Deb is taking this step of faith as this will not be a position paid by MTM.

Please join us to keep our "Blessed Helping Hands" held up in prayer. They do make our work load lighter & we are grateful for each one!
Thank you in advance for your partnership.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This week MTM is delighted to host a group that will be performing their own version of "Extreme Home Makover" for a special family in the village of Gramothe. Below are a couple pictures of the house that will be replaced.
This family is the second to be blessed with a new home this month.

The house.

10 of the 11 children in the family.

To follow the journey of this team, check out their blog page at htp://


We can't continue without just one last (past due) update of the week of the accident.
Our dear freind Richardson continues to stand strong in his faith, praising God & standing on the testimony that God has given him.
The visiting nurse that held Richardson's father as he died in her lap on the way to the hospital, struggled with that experience, but found deep within herself the courage to overcome. To honor her for her perseverence, God saw fit to allow her to assist in the delivery of a new life just 2 days after at the Gramothe clinic. Baby Joshua was a healthy 7 lb. baby!
Praise the Lord!